15 Social Media Advertising Tips & Best Practices

Seeking a new audience online is not an easy task to accomplish as there are a million factors to be considered. But if you’re on a time crunch and wish to grow online fast, social media advertising is your best bet. Most small organizations choose the organic path to grow online, but well-established businesses find it best to invest in social media advertising to get to where they need to go. Don’t let the idea scare you away, and it has its benefits!

We have compiled a guide for you with the best practices and tips in the industry regarding social media advertising that have allowed businesses to grow online beyond their wildest expectations. For a better understanding, we have classified our essential tips and tricks by the most famous social media platforms that users use.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are specifically designed to cater to unique audiences based on awareness, consideration and conversion. It is one of the few social media platforms that offer particular audience targeting those benefits millions of small and medium-sized businesses. Here are a few tips you can follow.

Photo Ads

Facebook allows users to put up photo ads that can contain up to 125 characters which include a headline and a link description. Users can efficiently utilize this feature to create call-to-action buttons as well such as Shop Now and Send a Message.
Tip: This is a great social media advertising tool for showcasing new services and products. Rather than marketing the product itself, you can show pictures of people using the product on-the-go so the audience can relate better.

Video Ads

You can put up a short video ad on Facebook or a 240-minute video ad; it all depends on your need as a business. These videos must be catered and designed to be watched on desktop devices so that they can comply and be part of a Facebook TV ad campaign if needed.

Tip: Keep in mind that while longer video ads may get the message across better and help you explain your product more efficiently, it’s the short video ads that make the most impact on users worldwide. Studies have shown that short video ads are 19% more effective than advertisements without videos on Facebook.

15-Second Story Ads

Short story ads on Facebook can last anywhere between six seconds to fifteen seconds. The downside to this is that you can’t specifically choose to advertise through stories, they must be a part of your Automatic Placements whenever you create an ad.

Tip: Since Facebook stories only last 24-hours, you can use this to advertise limited edition products, deals or services and make them more attractive for customers this way. Take inspiration from the clothing brand Tentree, which showcased men’s hats in three photos through Facebook story ads and spent 70% less than average ads.

Carousel Ads

In a carousel ad, you can add either ten photos or ten videos in one ad. It’s perfect for advertising certain features of the same or a similar product or service online to your demographic.

Tip: Try using this feature to showcase only the most compelling aspects of your product or service. Look at this opportunity as your chance to sell what your brand.

Slideshow Ads

With slideshow Ads on Facebook, you can use the motion of video without using any video-specific resources, to begin with. If you are hesitant about using videos and would like to move past the idea of static photos and slideshow Ads, then this is the right choice for you.

Tip: This feature is great for startups that don’t have the resources for making videos. A slideshow ad gives you the best of both worlds, while only spending ever so little on social media advertising.

Collection Ads

If you want to highlight your product in the Facebook feed rather than in individual ads, then collection Ads are the right choice for you. With a cover photo or a video along with product images, prices and product details, you can advertise all you have to offer. Your potential clients will no longer have to leave Facebook to see your ad, which would have sparked frustration previously.

Tip: This form of advertisement works well for travel and retail agencies.

Instant Experience Ads

These ads were previously known as Carousel ads. These are interactive ads created for the full-screens of mobile phone feeds. In an instant experience ad, you can include up to 20 pictures or two minutes of video. It can contain a call-to-action button and 30 characters full of text.

Tip: These ads can easily be used to collect lead and customer information with the help of an instant form.

Messenger Ads

These are Facebook based ads that are placed on top of the Messenger app, which is used by almost all of Facebook’s users. This can be used to urge people to connect with your business’s page on Facebook Messenger, and also to your website.

Tip: You can use this social media advertising tool to reconnect with clients who have trailed off in previous conversations and reel them back in.

Lead Generation Ads

This is ads created for mobiles which contain pre-populated forms that allow users to quickly request a free trial, ask for a quote and sign up for your organization’s newsletter. They can prove to be an excellent tool for generating leads for the sales department.

Tip: Request for the least amount of information from users so that leads may be generated more effectively without any hassles.


Instagram is now owned by Facebook, which of course means that a lot of its social media advertising techniques will overlap one another. The only differing factor between Facebook and Instagram’s advertising options is the difference in their layouts and rules. Though Facebook caters to content, picture and video needs, Instagram aligns itself with limited content. This can limit advertising capabilities to some extent, but not for those who have incredible tips and tricks to go on!

Photo and Video Ads

The ad you post on Instagram, whether it is a photo ad or a video ad, it will appear like a standard Instagram post. The only factor that will make it different is the top left corner which will say Sponsored. If you require a call-to-action button, you can put it on the post as well.

Tip: The only way this form of ads will work is if your sponsored post aligns with the format and color schemes or your regular and organic posts. Try to keep it simple, and you will reach more people if they feel your posts are relatable and compliant with your other posts.

Carousel Ads

Similar to Facebook’s carousel ads, Instagram ads give users the ability to swipe through the various photos.

Tip: Try to have a theme in the carousel ad that you post so that users can visually enjoy your content and feel the need to shop the product you have displayed to recreate the aesthetic feel of your post perhaps.

Collection Ads

Just like Facebook’s collection ads, Instagram also provides a cover image or video with numerous product shots. When a user clicks on these ads, he is directed to an Instant Experience.

Tip: You must keep in mind that unlike Facebook, Instagram’s collection Ads don’t include any headlines. They do, however, offer users with 90 characters for descriptions.

Instagram Stories Ads

Since Instagram Stories are 120 seconds each, ads can readily be displayed on them in full-screen format and be viewed directly on people’s phones.

Tip: You can add interactive elements to these stories so that you hold the attention of your users longer.


Unlike Facebook and Instagram, who have similar foundations for social media advertising, twitter has five primary factors it bases it’s ads on; tweet engagement, followers, awareness, app installs, and website clicks. Let us delve into the advertising modes made available to us by Twitter.

Twitter Promote

Twitter’s algorithm promotes it’s tweets to a specific audience with the help of Twitter Promote. When your first ten daily tweets pass Twitter’s organic quality filter, they are promoted by Twitter Promote. This includes your account as well. Try to focus your account on five interests and Twitter will handle the rest for you.

Tip: This social media advertising tool costs USD 99 every month and can allow an average Twitter account to reach an estimate of 30,000 accounts and generate up to 30 followers.

Twitter Ad Campaigns

For Twitter as a campaign, you must first choose a business objective that is compliant with your goals. You can create new tweets to organically promote them with the help of influencers or choose existing tweets to promote them by paying.

Tip: To get the best conversion rates, we recommend that you run separate campaigns for desktop users and mobile users and cater to their specific needs.

Some Final Words

Growing online organically is quite tricky but it is not impossible. If you wish to take the route less followed and grow this way, it helps to know a few handy tips and tricks to get the job done faster and save you some bucks I’m the process too!

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