Basics of Facebook Retargeting Campaigns: How to Start Your Own

Have you been spending too much of your time and money on advertising campaigns and still suffering from a low ROI? This can only mean that it is neither sustainable, nor is it sensible for you to waste your resources on campaigns that don’t perform well. Let’s talk about Facebook advertising which has seen an incredible amount of change lately; the most notable one is targeting people who are already engaged with your business with the help of retargeting ads.

In this guide, we will be discussing everything there is to know about Facebook retargeting, why you need it, and how you can create your very own!

Understanding Facebook Retargeting

Before we dive into the details, it is important to understand what Facebook retargeting is to know how you can benefit from it. If we were to put it in simpler terms: Facebook retargeting is the process by which you can find people who have previously visited your website and from that point on, using their data to find their own personal Facebook profiles. Then you can run customized ads targeting these individuals and gently persuade them to revisit your website. All of this can be done through the Facebook Ads Manager application. This way, you won’t have to target each email address and match it to a profile. You can simply use the Pixel available on your site and collect the data you need for future ad campaigns.

Does Facebook Retargeting Work?

Unlike others, this is not another marketing tactic with zero returns. Shockingly, Facebook retargeting is very effective, and there are statistics in place to prove so. Take a look at some of them below:

  • Website visitors who have been retargeting with a display of ads are 70% more likely to convert
  • The CTR of a retargeted ad is ten times higher than that of a typically displayed ad
  • More than 40% of all consumers claim that they would be interested in becoming repeat buyers after experiencing a personalized shopping experience with a brand

People are complex, and oftentimes they are indecisive. The internet has only aggravated this situation further by providing hundreds of options for something as minor as a soda can. This causes the human brain to jump from one option to another in the matter of a second, which also explains the tens of tabs that you currently have open on your browser right now. We’re right, aren’t we? This eventually means that people aren’t on a website for very long. There are several reasons that a checkout remains incomplete such as finding a better option or a better price-match online.

The good thing for you is, this problem can be fixed with a little bit of a nudge for an extra-value item in a Facebook retargeting ad. If you lose a customer on a checkout page, they will be reminded of it with the help of a Facebook retargeting ad which will make them reconsider choosing not to purchase the item, even if it is for a split second. Take the example of a 20% discount. Though it may seem very insignificant, it can be very important to potential customers. Sales are everything, even if they are not significantly offering a lot.

Do People Find Facebook Retargeting Ads Invasive?

It is a really good question to ask! The last thing anyone wants is to have ads appear online of things they have previously searched for. It can even make them feel like their privacy is being invaded, and that can make them paranoid. That’s part of it, yes, but now we live in times where a consumer expects this kind of behavior, and it would be suspicious if retargeting ads didn’t appear on their feed.

  • More than 30% of consumers say that the shopping experience they had was far more personalized and about 25% claim that they rather enjoy seeing retargeting ads by Facebook

How to Run a Facebook Retargeting Campaign in 5 Simple Steps

When you have decided that a Facebook retargeting campaign is the right fit for you, simply follow the next 5 steps to create your very own campaign. However, before getting started, you must ensure that you have a Facebook account for business ads already up and running.

  1. Log in to Facebook Ads Manager > Click on Audiences

On the top left- hand side of the Business Manager, you will find the Audiences option in the drop-down menu.

  1. Click on Create Audience > Click on Custom Audiences

On the top of your screen, you will find the Create Audience option. For retargeting purposes, you will click on the drop-down menu and click on Custom Audience which will give you a chance to set up a retargeting campaign to reach people who have previously viewed your website.

  1. Select Website Traffic

Here you will find a variety of options, but for retargeting purposes, you will focus your attention to the Website Traffic option so that the right audiences can be reached.

  1. Selecting Targeted Audiences

You will be redirected to a screen which will allow you to create your audience. You can target the following:

  • Individuals who visit your website
  • Individuals who visit specific pages
  • Individuals who are visiting only certain web pages but not others
  • Individuals who haven’t visited your website in a while
  • Custom combinations

You can choose whichever audience suits you best from over here.

  1. Placing your Pixel Code & Placing it On Your Website

First things, first! You need to have a pixel tracking code for your website, and if you don’t, you must obtain one in order to start your retargeting campaign. It is a code that you put on your website to track your visitors. In the Audiences part of the Ads Manager, you will be able to find your newly created retargeting campaign. Click on it, click on Actions and then click on View Panel from the dropdown menu which is where you will find your pixel base code. You can place this code on your website yourself or have a trusty developer do it for you. And now you are good to go!

This is just a basics article that we have compiled for our readers which will get you started with Facebook retargeting ads. But in order to get far, remember to do A/B testing so that you can figure out which ads are actually working and generating the most amount of traction for your site!

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