Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes

When it comes to Facebook Marketing, we like to thins we have all of the answers because we know our own individual audience. Sometimes that’s that case, but we still need to be aware of what mistakes to avoid in order to best position our content for marketing.

Not having a defined Facebook Marketing strategy

Not having defined a strategy

Defining a strategy on Facebook is an essential component. Before launching, it is imperative to define what content you want to broadcast.

Without thoughtful, insightful content that conforms to your target, it won’t help.

The content strategy must reflect your business: the tone and the expertise it wants to highlight.

Before spreading out, always ask yourself the following questions: What is the purpose of my presence on this or that social network? Who am I talking to? What are my targets most likely to watch? What to publish? Should I use video, photo or text more? Which social networks should I choose to stick to my target?

The objective of Facebook Marketing is to generate clicks to its site to bring potential prospects and therefore new leads.

Neglecting the customer is a big mistake! Take the time to respond to your customers to maintain the link. Take their preferences and needs into account when responding to even the most negative comments.

A good SEO Expert will be able to identify the right sites for you and will also know the monitoring tools, social media management, growth hacking, scripting, automation, programming and online graphics. This will allow you to free up time.

Not Using visuals

The visuals will catch the eye and strengthen the brand image. The idea is to create impactful visuals in which Internet users will find themselves.

There are many kinds of visuals: photos, info-graphics, videos, screenshots, illustrations etc.

It’s up to the company to find the model that suits it best.

Focus on quality, not quantity

We are bombarded daily by a mass of uninteresting articles, so the trick is to stand out!

The quality of the content is essential to win new customers and retain their attention. They must be relevant, of good quality, and respond precisely to the visitor’s request.

Pay particular attention to Facebook’s search algorithms that take into account reader satisfaction. If Facebook observes signals that reflect the fact that your site is not providing the response expected by the user, you may see your positioning fall.

So use the right keywords, give a powerful domain name, improve the “crawl” (content exploration activity) of the site so that the pages contain text and are accessible by HLML links.

Don’t assault your customers with promotional messages. The publications that you produce on the Facebook must encourage exchanges and encourage dialogue.

If you post only commercial messages, you risk choking your customer and ultimately losing it. Respect the 20/80 rule: 20% information about product and 80% information about customer needs.

Do not analyze statistics

Don’t leave aside the analysis of the results. It is in fact analyzes that you will define the content that generates the most interactions, that you will know where your subscribers come from, that you will be able to determine what are the best times for your publications.

These statistics are essential for you because they will allow you to refine your Facebook Marketing strategy and to better animate your targeted customers.

Each network has its own communication. You have no choice but to adapt to each social network.

For Facebook, it’s important to keep abreast of changes and good uses of each in order to use them correctly.

Content of the Page

Content marketing is a must today for businesses looking to stand out on the Facebook.

To get results, it is not enough to write 2 or 3 blog articles per month and post from time to time on Facebook.

Effective content marketing – which generates action. It takes a lot of time.

Above all, it cannot be improvised. So if you are launching a marketing campaign, make sure to post regularly, add all the required tasks to your calendar and stick to your schedule.

These are three letters that must be part of the Facebook content strategy. Natural referencing is CA-PI-TAL for a successful content marketing campaign.

Promoting its content is an often overlooked task, sometimes for lack of time, sometimes for lack of confidence. Yes, to succeed in your content marketing campaign, you have to know how to sell yourself.

When developing your content strategy, clearly identify the platforms where your target audience is evolving and manifest yourself.

Multiply the dissemination channels: website, blog, newsletter, social media, etc. If your content is well done, readers will enjoy it – even better, they will share it!


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