The world is social. On average, more than 30% of the time spent online is due to the social media. If you want an online presence, social media is the quickest and cheapest way to go about it, compared to other options. If you want sponsored content, brand awareness or simply both, that’s where a social media marketing agency comes into play.

The answer varies. Facebook is definitely the initial and starting point for social media marketing but we like getting to know our clients. Every brand has its own sets of values which can contribute greatly to which platform would be the most effective for its individual marketing needs. Your products, your targeted audience and your goals, are ultimately what choose the platform we help you market through.

For most platforms, the recommended posting period is twice every week, but there are certain social channels that are an exception to the rule. If it is Twitter or Pinterest is your desired social media platform then more frequent posts may be required. We can even go so far as to say that multiple posts a day might be required! Another mind-boggling way of advertising is through Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook stories that last only 24-hours. If those are the modes being used, you can post multiple times a day and post limited edition deals as well.

Online, you will receive what you put out. While it is important for your brand to post about your products and services, it is equally important to get real with your followers and post industry-relayed content, real phones and even user-submissions. This helps your followers connect with your brand on a personal level.

It saves a lot of time to create posts prior to posting them and scheduling them way ahead of time. You can use tools like Facebook Business Manager to schedule posts that will be published on Facebook pages at a certain date and time. Similarly, you can use TweetDeck for Twitter and HootSuite for Instagram scheduling. Unfortunately, for the platforms that don’t support scheduling, manual posting is required.

Apart from using post-scheduling tools such as Facebook Business Manager, TweetDeck and HootSuite, we use Google docs to collaborate and work on social posts for our clients. In addition to this, we also use Adobe Spark and Photoshop to create images for posts.

It depends on the platform you use. You can delete comments on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. However, you cannot delete comments on Facebook and Twitter. While you may not be able to delete comments there, you can block certain words and profanity from your page.

Every social media platform gives users to put up paid or boosted social posts also known as ads. You can either set up these ads yourself or have a social media marketing agency do it for you in order to increase post engagement.