5 Ways To Use Facebook Stories To Market Your Business

According to Nicola Mendelson who is Facebook’s VP in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Facebook was on a path to becoming all video by the year 2021.

Since then, Facebook has been on a journey of rolling out several video features such as video posts, Facebook Live and Messenger day which is now known as Facebook Stories.

Thai feature was first introduced by Snapchat and then later was adopted by Facebook and Instagram, which is now owned by Facebook and it was meant as an attempt towards ephemeral content.

With the help of Facebook Stories, users can now share videos and photos as they are captured in their everyday lives.

Facebook Stories

However, unlike the photos and videos you see on your news feed, content put on Facebook Stories disappears after every 24 hours, which is where the term ephemeral comes into the picture.

Since it’s origination, Facebook Stories have seen a stark rise in success and has netted an estimate of 500 million users in the first quarter of 2019 alone.

This could only mean one thing; people love stories. This begs the question, how can your business take advantage of this new form of social media marketing? Well, we have some ideas.

1. Using Facebook Stories to Create an Urgency

The very fact that Facebook Stories are fleeting is what makes it a very compelling tool for marketing. Every story only lasts for 24 hours, which means that you can leverage that timeline to create ads based on FOMO (people’s Fear Of Missing Out).

You can put out time-sensitive content with certain limited edition deals and offers with special user codes that your audience can redeem online on your online stores.

This way, you will be able to hold the attention of your audience much more quickly. Ever heard of what sales do to a woman?

They make her want to buy items she would otherwise not purchase. Well, the limited aspect of Facebook Stories make people buy things they otherwise would spend much time pondering over.

2. You Can Get Personal With Your Audience

The very appeal of your stories is codependent on you documenting it as it happens. Stories aren’t meant to appear polished or like work done by a videographer.

They are meant to look raw and enhance the brand’s already existing image and values, whatever they may be.

All it takes for a user to skip your story is to tap once with his thumb and just like that, your ad is gone. How do you make their attention last? You post what will appeal to them.

For example, you can use Facebook Stories to show your audience what goes on behind closed doors regarding aspects like product packaging or design.

3. Personalizing Your Stories to Reflect Your Brand

Facebook Stories give you the option to choose between many filters, effects and tools that can ideally help you personalize your stories to reflect your brand as a whole in terms of colors, themes, fonts and vibe.

You can use these to make your stories more appealing to your users and edit content before publishing it. Well-known brands such as Uniqlo use Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories to promote their Autism line with body fitness and body positivity themes.

They accomplish this by putting out content lathered on light and airy colors, which reflects in their products as well.

4. Tell Stories Through Facebook Stories

The most effective marketing is done by building a relationship with the audience in order of promote your brand. In order to effectively engage your audience, you need to use Facebook Stories to tell your stories, the story of how your brand came to be, individual stories of your employees and even clients’ stories sometimes.

However, if your brand is not at a stage where client stories can be shared, you can use Facebook Stories to share milestones, causes that matter to your brand and support certain issues that resonate with you, which might also resonate with your audience.

5. Voice Over Stories

A creative way of sharing Facebook Stories is to use the voices of other people as narration. Now for this purpose, you may seek someone from within your own organization to create more authenticity in your stories.

During special events or occasions, you can lend your social media accounts to a team mate to take control by sharing moments as they happen, with active voice narration.

Sharing Your Brand and Your Story Online

We live in a world filled with people who have severely short attention span. Most articles written online are only ever read halfway with the users losing interest before the writer’s point has even been made.

The introduction of video and photo stories makes it possible to talk about your brand, services and products while holding the attention of users simultaneously.

Think of it like a TV advertisement, but only much shorter. Facebook Stories are just 10-16 second advertisements where you must engage the audience to the best of your ability.

So do you have what it takes to up your brand’s online game on Facebook?

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