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Every business can have multiple online marketing goals. In most cases, the main aim is to get more leads and orders. In other cases, the business may wish to improve the brand image or attract new investors in the business. However, based on extensive analysis, it has been proved that ranking on the first page of all major search engines organically is one of the most reliable ways of increasing the sales leads. Hence achieving the top search ranking should be the main aim of the content marketing strategy of a business, and the agency they hire should make provisions accordingly.

Just like a business located in a prime business area of a city, is likely to get more orders and make more profit, we believe in crafting a content marketing strategy to ensure that your website ranks in the first five search results, which are considered prime online real estate. A recent study by Chitika indicated that the websites with search engine ranking positions (SERP) from one to five are likely to get 75% of the user clicks. It also indicated that paid search listings like Google Adwords do not attract as many clicks as the organic listings which are more likely to be trusted. This increases the importance of ranking well in search engines.

Increasingly businesses are moving away from traditional offline marketing methods and content marketing is extremely important to ensure that a business ranks well in search engines. Hence we have a team of creative and experienced content writers, who are guided by an expert who closely monitors the algorithms of search engines like google, strategies for content and also the local business trends. The content marketing plan is customized based on the products or services your business is selling. With our extensive experience we are confident of developing content, which will ensure a high ranking in SERPs.

In the last few years, Matt Cutts, the Google engineer, who ensures the quality of the Google SERPs has repeatedly indicated that the main aim of Google is to ensure that spammy websites do not rank well in Google search results. Keyword stuffing and poor quality content is no longer effective for ranking after Google implemented various algorithms like Panda and Penguin. In addition to taking steps to ensure that the website will improve its ranking to the first page of the search engine, we will also ensure that it retains its ranking. We use multiple methods to ensure that the ranking is also retained.

However, like most other agencies offering content marketing services, the actual ranking of a business depends to a great extent on the competition it has. If there is no competition for a business online, it is very easy to rank in search engines. However most businesses are realizing the importance of content marketing and are allocating more money for this marketing method. Google’s algorithm considers more than two hundred different factors while ranking websites in its SERPs, and only a few have been publicly disclosed. With our experience and expertise, we are able to ensure that the content of the website , has a good SERP ranking.

Google’s SERP expert Matt Cutts has indicated that keyword related content is an important factor determining the ranking. These keywords should be used naturally in the website content, which should also be factually accurate. Updated content also helps in boosting the search engine ranking. Most companies do not have the time and resources to update their website, hence it is advisable to hire a specialized content marketing agency who will update the website. We provide different kinds of updated content like web pages, blog posts, videos, call to action pages, latest product news, and other information.

Depending on the marketing goals and budgets, different content marketing options are available. There are many advantages of implementing an effective content marketing strategy like improved search engine rankings, more targeted visitors to the website and increased leads and orders. Additionally ranking well can help in brand building and make your website, an authority website. So though ranking well in search engines is difficult and can take time, using the right content marketing strategy with updated relevant content for your website can help in your business gain new customers and retain existing customers.

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