Facebook Advertising and Marketing for Business

The advertising budget of a business for a particular marketing channel depends to a large extent on the number of users or viewers, and the time which they are spending at the website or other channel like television. In 2019, Facebook is one of the most popular websites worldwide with more than 1.49 billion users every month, who are spending approximately forty minutes daily at the website. Hence increasingly Facebook marketing is being used by businesses worldwide to accurately target specific consumer profiles at a very low cost with the help of their digital marketing agencies.

HOw Facebook Marketing Helps

Our advertising services help businesses make their digital marketing more effective by

  • Increasing the number of visitors to your website from Facebook
  • collecting contact information and other relevant data from both new customers, and leads
  • making the returning customers fans of your products and services
  • marketing relevant products to buyers at every stage
  • ensures that users are engaged for boosted as well as organic posts
Facebook Marketing Process

Since it is not possible to improve what is not measured and not tracked, collecting accurate data forms an important part of our marketing strategy. Like other advertisers, we first track all the advertising, use it for testing and tweak it to get the desired result. This tweaking continues to get more effective advertising.

The first step involves analyzing the market for the products or service your business sells. We then find the competing local businesses which have a larger audience size, and most engaged audience compared to you. We then analyze their messaging as well as content , since it is effective in your industry sector.

We then research and provide content which your audience is likely to like. New posts are made regularly on the account, and all posts are closely monitored to check how the audience interacts with the post, whether they like it. Using data, paid social media marketing campaigns are being created.

The images and text for this ads are created, which are then split tested to find their effectiveness. The performance is each ad is reported so that it can be improved. Tracking is an important aspect of social media marketing, and it is possible to track the reach of the advertising, audience size, and engagement rates.

It is also possible to track the click through rate (CTR) for each and number of leads generated. All this helps the advertiser determine the return of investment (ROI) on his advertising campaign. It is also important to manage the paid as well as organic social media marketing campaign. This involves tweaking the parameters for each advertisement to get the best possible results.

It is also necessary to monitor how engaged the customers are, leads, orders generated and whether they interact with the advertisement. Businesses should ensure that they advertise in all social media channels.Email marketing using marketing automation, can help in retaining existing customers, and also win back customers who are using other products or services.

Facebook advertising

The Facebook platform and advertising network, serves a wide variety of advertisements, images, videos and posts promoting a product or service. Compared to other advertising options, Facebook is extremely inexpensive costing as little as two cents per visitor.

The advertiser can target the visitors based on whether they are repeat visitors, their purchases, demographics, geographic location, spending, interests, digital profile. Advertisers can decide how much they will pay for one thousands ad impressions.

It should be noted that purchasing likes and fans is unlikely to increase the conversion rate for the business, especially if it is local, since they may be from some other geographic area.

Facebook marketing

Increasingly the website, is the online marketing channel for the business and the Facebook page is a reflect of the brand image of the business, allowing customers to connect personally.

It also helps them get customer support if required. In the last few years, Facebook has become one of the most cost effective methods for a business to generate leads and orders, and the new customers will often use the services for many years.

We offer a free social media analysis based on the current visitors to your website, and the social media strategy deployed at present. For more details, businesses should contact on phone or online.

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