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Facebook used to be the main social media but in the last few years instagram has taken the world of social media by storm. After Instagram started gaining massive traction it was acquired by facebook. Instagram has come along way since it’s initial release. The platform now has a wide variety of features including posting pictures, stories, direct messaging, liking posts, commenting and now they have even added instagram tv which allows for longer videos and clips. The average person uses instagram for the normal things like uploading selfies, pictures and messaging friends. What most people didn’t know is that you can utilize instagram for business. In this digital age Instagram marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your business or brand.

Why is Instagram marketing Important for Businesses?

Instagram marketing is extremely important for businesses to use because it is much more effective than the traditional method of advertising. The traditional method of advertising is by using billboards, newspapers and posters.

These used to be the best option for spreading awareness about a new company. The new digital age has led to the surfacing of multiple new ways of advertising such as google ads, facebook advertising and youtube ads.

These are all pretty good ways to generate sales but instagram is especially effective for certain types of products. Instagram is especially good for promoting new trendy products that would cater to the younger demographic.

Lots of teenagers and young adults use instagram these days and certain products are simple to sell to them. Instagram also cleverly inserts advertisement between posts when scrolling through the feed as well as stories.

Many new products these days are seen on instagram first. At the moment instagram is currently dominating the world of social media advertising.

Different types of Instagram Advertising

As of right now there are 2 methods you could go about advertising a product on instagram. The first is using facebook ads and placing them to show up on instagram on the normal feed and stories.

These will show up like regular posts and stories but will say sponsored at the top. This form of advertising is not too expensive and allows you to start off with a very flexible budget.

You can typically reach around 1000 people for just $5. Using this method you are also able to choose different objectives for the campaign such as engagement, awareness or conversions.

Engagement ad campaigns will show your ad to the people that are not necessarily the most likely yo buy but rather the ones that are most likely to like and comment on the ad. This builds massive social proof which greatly increases conversions.

Awareness ad campaigns aim on reaching the most people. this will get your name out there and make you recognizable and reputable.

An example of a company that spends a huge amount of money on awareness marketing is Coca Cola. This company spends a lot on building brand awareness and getting their name everywhere in front of the most eyes as possible.

Conversion ad campaigns are meant solely for putting your product in front of the people most likely to purchase. It is good to use a combination of these type of ads to build your overall brand.

Influencer Marketing

The second method of advertising on instagram is via influencer marketing. I’m sure you’ve seen the super famous instagram models. What you probably didn’t know is that they make a fortune by offering influencer marketing.

Basically to do this you would get them to review your product, post a picture with it and mention your brand or just talk about it on their story. This is extremely effective because they have a personal brand and have already built up a loyal following.

Their customers trust them and the products they recommend so they would be more likely to buy from your company if someone they trust recommended it. Influencer marketing is effective but can be expensive.

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