Social media advertising services for businesses

Research has indicated that internet users are spending most of their time online at the popular social media websites. This has made Social media advertising one of the most effective forms of online advertising at a comparatively low cost. Our advertising services on social media, help your business get the desired results quickly since we connect your business with a large number of social media users who may be interested in your product or service.

How advertising on social media helps businesses

Experts agree that social media advertisement has become one of the most cost effective way of advertising at present. Typically the cost of reaching a thousand people is $5. Thus, when compared to traditional media advertising options like television, our advertising services are three times cheaper, help a business save a significant amount of money in advertising expenses.

Advertising services

The advertising services for social media are available in the four different categories like:
Facebook advertising services – Facebook is the most popular social media platform at present, and it can be used to find suitable users, send targeted visitors to a website. It is extremely effective for marketing both B2C as well B2B products, services for businesses of all sizes.

Instagram advertising– Millions of photos and videos are uploaded daily on Instagram making it the most visually attractive social media platform for any business. The social media ads can be incorporated in the news feed of Instagram

Pinterest advertising – Pinterest is extremely popular among women, retail consumers, and it is possible to advertise on pins related to the product or service

Linkedin advertising – Linkedin is a popular platform for reaching professionals, decision makers. Hence B2B businesses can use the advertising for brand building, generating targeted traffic, conversions

Our advertising process

We have standardized the advertising process so that our customers get the best deal. It involves:

  • Assigning a social media manager for a customer
  • Developing an effective advertising strategy to convert leads to orders
  • Creating interesting and attractive advertisements, and split testing the ads to check their effectiveness
  • Monitoring and optimizing the ads, launching new ads if required
  • Generating reports, on the conversion rate, leads. other information, and communicating regularly with the customer.
Why choose us for advertising?
  • We are experts in advertising, and have worked with a large number of customers, so we are aware of all the intricacies of advertising using social media
  • We value our customers, and wish to build long term relations with them, so they can be assured that the risk of losing money is very low
  • Get the best possible deal for the money your business is spending on advertising.
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