Social Media Marketing Services

Paid social media has become an essential digital marketing tool for every business. Whether your business is online or offline, it needs an effective social media marketing strategy to drive traffic and sales. Our social media management team will enhance your businesses performance in social media ads as well as tracking and maximizing its impact across your entire social media marketing sphere.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing usually refers to the methods that target various social media platforms and applications to spread awareness about a specific brand or to endorse a particular product. The campaign primarily centers around:

  • Creating the presence of a particular brand on major social media platforms
  • Producing shareable content and advertisements
  • Managing customer feedback throughout the social media campaign by conducting various surveys and contests

Social media marketing is considered to be a more targeted type of traditional advertisements and hence, known to be a mighty effective in creating brand awareness.

What We Do

1. Copy & Test Ads
Generating response in a fast-paced social media environment requires specific knowledge and experience as well as constant content refreshes.

2. Targeting Potential Customer
Our experts use specialized tools and data to identify your next potential customer.

3. Managing Bids
Our experts know when to use social media network’s bid optimization or use platforms like bid optimizer or should only apply manual techniques.

4. Ad Leads
For every B2B success, the key is to capture the ideal offer and quick contact details, especially on mobile devices.

What We Manage

1. Facebook Marketing
With Facebook’s more than 2 billion monthly active users, you are almost certain to reach your next potential customer. Our services will help your business grow with the help of the biggest social media platform.

2. Twitter Marketing
Twitter has more than 330 million users and its extremely popular among people aged between 18 to 64. It is an ideal platform to increase your brand recognition. With the help of our services, you can build trust and maintain a strong relationship with your customer through a trusted and secure platform.

3. Instagram Marketing
Instagram is one of the most engaging social media networks with more than 60% of its users use the platform to discover new products through images. Our tools will help you to create an ideal brand presence on Instagram and increase traffic and sales.

4. LinkedIn marketing
LinkedIn currently has more than 500 million professionals and influencers and is considered to be an ideal social media platform for business owners. The best part of LinkedIn is most of its users are college-educated, highly skilled and over 25 years old and you can find your next customers with our tools.

5. Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest is one of the newest social media platforms and considered to be the best social media platform for consumer goods selling businesses. Pinterest currently has around 400 million users that are mostly women with middle to the high-income background and if your business selling consumer goods, then our tools and services can help you find your next potential customer.

How We Do Social Media Marketing

Step 1: Once you hire us, you will get a dedicated social media manager to create your social media marketing strategy and execute it. He will gain knowledge about your business and will be your main contact. You can communicate your manager via email or schedule a call at a convenient time.

Step 2: Your assigned social media manager will first research on your business niche and then develop an ideal strategy for your business. The manager will also develop advertising strategies, do a competitive analysis and create channels for your social campaign.

Step 3: Once the strategy is finalized, we will start its execution. We will create the content and advertisement for your campaign that is unique to your business. For maintaining quality, this content will be created on a monthly calendar basis and you can review the entire content before it goes live.

Step 4: Once it goes live, our team will monitor it daily. We will track every comment, messages, and reviews and will try to respond as soon as possible. We will also use organic methods like hashtags, surveys, contests, etc to your business’ social media presence.

Step 5: At the end of every month, your assigned social media manager will prepare a monthly report for you to review the progress of your campaign. You can also access our reporting software 24/7 to view the progress of your campaign at any time.

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